Friday, April 30, 2010

QUIP Quaker Writers' Conference Evening Plenary Programs

Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices Release Party
This is the editorial board celebrating.

Blogging is a way that Friends publish - here Sarah Hoggatt, Liz Oppenheimer and Martin Kelley, virtually from his home in New Jersey, discuss their expereince blogging. To find their blogs and other Friendly blogsites go to

Friends young and not so young listening to Tom Hamm.

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2010 QUIP Quaker Writers' Conference - my thoughts

The QUIP Annual Meeting this year was combined with a writers' conference. It was a great experiment that seems to have worked really well. Here is a picture of Tom Hamm speaking the first night about the history of Quaker publishing at the Earlham School of Religion Dining Room.

The QUIP meetings were wonderful for me. Several things felt rewarding on a personal basis. I was affirmed by all the young people and the wonderful book, Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices, that they created. It's lovely to have been a small part of this process. Can a committee write a book? You bet ya! I was affirmed by finding a better name for what I do for QUIP, administrative facilitator, which fits my role of helping volunteers carry out the many tasks it takes to run the organization. I was affirmed by friendships renewed and friendships made new. I was affirmed by looking at new ways that QUIP can facilitate the ministry of the written word for authors - my mind keeps thinking about that topic. I look foward to discussions with others in the future about it including the QUIP clerks, bloggers, others. And I was affirmed by the smiles that went around so often and one after another Friends found new insights and joys sharing their faith and their craft.

QUIP has meaning for me. Guess that's why I do all the work I do to keep it going. I need to find a way to convey that meaning to other Quakers involved in writing, publishing, book selling.
I'm new at this blogging and will post pictures in another post since they seem to only come in last first.