Friday, July 17, 2009

Been Sad

It's been a very sad month. Heard the other day that another friend from the past had died suddenly. Maddie Sherman was a Rutland, Vermont friend who had babies the same time I had mine. She and her husband Jake, were very supportive after my first husband Paul died. I remember her fondly for her wonderful cooking and great, open hospitality. Though I didn't visit her every year, I often dropped in while in Vermont. These last few years I have stayed away maybe because she still didn't have any grandchildren. Seems hard to talk about mine in htat situation - I can't seem to keep my mouth shut about them, especially when we are all together in Vermont.

That's two friends my age who have died this month, one from a bike accident, Maddie from heart failure after surgery (she did have some other health problems). Makes me very sad.

Otherwise, I am experimenting with doing an annual time budget. It's helping to keep me on track though certain tasks are still taking longer than I estimated. I'll keep working on it.

Only a few days and I will begin my trip across country, solo, to see Gail in DC first and then on to the grandchildren in Massachusetts. There we will all attend New England Yearly Meeting. I hope to use this blog to keep up with my writing when I can. No one seems to reading yet but I will keep writing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life is Good

Back from the FGC Gathering

Gathering this year was so much less pressured than the last ten. Facilitating a workshop is lots of work, some of it during the Gathering but most before. I loved doing it but need to discern if I have the time next year.

Discovered Nadine Hoover's wonderful article on Time and Ministry while preparing for the workshop so I have a new tool. Am preparing to start using it 7/15. Still recording my hours but a time calendar will help as well.

Bonnie Tinker's death in a bike accident really hit me. But others took care of me.

Too late now to write much more. I hope to get back to this very soon.